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AutoTap OBDII Scan Tool

OBD II scan tool can quickly and easily retrieve fault codes and show live data.
Autotap OBDII scan tool comes with all the cables and interface that you need to connect to your Chrysler, Ford & GM OBDII Vehicles. Set your own ranges and alarms and even pick your own colors! Once you've got a screen configuration that works for you, save it with a couple of keystrokes. Save as many different screen configurations as you need for different vehicles, or perhaps one for major maintenance and one for tuning, one for quick checks at the track.

Track quick-changing parameters like RPM and O2 Sensor readings at rates up to 40 times a second. View your results in English or Metric.

Log a dyno or track run with AutoTap's proprietary data logging feature. Then replay the file to review your vehicle's performance;

Turn off the Check Engine light. Use the AutoTap scanner to retrieve trouble codes and their descriptions and reset your Check Engine light.


The OBDII Autotap software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP or VISTA Business Edition. It requires 50 MB RAM minimum, recommended 64 MB RAM. 50 MB hard disk space. CD drive (used only to load software, software may also be downloaded from the internet). USB port. Monitor that supports graphics recommended.
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Doug Allen (Van Nuys, CA) 12/20/2012 9:10 PM
Your driving down the road when you notice that bright orange or red light just lit up on the dash. Now you start to wonder hmmm did I forget to tighten the gas cap or heck is the car even safe to drive, what do you do?<br> Well you can go to a dealer and let them tell you yeah you didn't tighten the cap and that will be $50. Or You get one of these babies and when the light comes on you pull off to a safe area and just plug it in. This model has not only the code number but what the code means in plain English a big plus no books to have look up stuff in its right there on the screen. Also you can clear the code once your realize its the cap and save yourself that $50! <br> What if its something serious? Well now you know to call road side assistance and get that vehicle into a shop before some serious damage happens. <br> Another feature I like is it can be upgraded from the web and it also has the CAN protocol for the newer cars. We had to turn around on a trip to Disney to get help when the light came on because we didn't know it was OK to drive. Turned out to be a bad spark plug wire and couple of wraps of electrical tape we were off again, and when we got home we could get the new wires. The back lighting is nice for when its dark under the dash and the fact it will store the code for you comes in handy when you are inside and cant remember that code # again. Vin numbers can be checked on certain model cars so you can see if the computer has been swapped out. Now one thing I wish it would do is print, it has a USB cable to let you upgrade the software but how hard would it be to make it print the stored data?. All in all its well worth the cost since you will make that money back in savings the first time you use it!
Product Is Fabulus
(Unknown) 6/28/2007 12:18 AM
Autotap works like a charm. I can't imagine what we did before this product.
Autotap is a great product
(Unknown) 6/28/2007 12:13 AM
Autotap is a great product. I really like that you can clear fault codes.

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